How To Do Coachella in Style and Luxury

02/28/2020 | by Daniel | Resorts

LA Quinta Resort

At what age do we stop enjoying the Coachella hotel experience and start wanting some space and privacy once we leave the festival grounds? For most of us, it should be a lot earlier than we allow ourselves. As this year’s first weekend nears, Coachella accommodation is being booked up and the prices continuously rise. It’s like watching Uber track your app usage in order to put you on a surge right as you’re about to book…

That’s why so many people are turning to one of the various villas in California’s desert instead of the typical, slightly decrepit hotel accommodations or traditional La Quinta rental. The favorite of these villa resorts is the Legacy Villas Luxury Rentals in La Quinta. These private rentals come in a range of sizes, and host everything you could possibly need to do Coachella in style this spring.

Camping Is Not a Rite of Passage

Many of the articles describing how to do Coachella in style will tell readers that camping during their first visit is a rite of passage. Journalists who tell such lies should be arrested for fraud. Camping, even glamping, is not for everyone. In fact, camping is not for most people. Now add in (a) 100+ degree heat, that doesn’t drop much below 75 even after sundown, (b) noisy festival goers, many of whom will be on various drugs and definitely be drinking, (c) the thundering baseline from wherever the festival is still happening, which likely won’t stop throughout the entire event, (d) now include all of your most essential belongings, (e) remove the lock to the tent, (f) and you’re either alone or with a loved one. Do you honestly think you’ll still love them by the end of the festival, or yourself? Unlikely.

Camping at festivals is for quitters.

Consider how much you’ve invested in your ticket, in getting to the grounds, in all of that body glitter; surely you’d want your accommodation to keep up with your indulgent festival vibes?

You Deserve The Best

The exclusive getaway of La Quinta was built in 1926 for the wealthiest Americans to hideaway in the desert. Within the grounds, the Legacy Luxury Resort is a more recent addition, having been built in the mid-2000s. The grounds come fully stocked with 12 pools, 11 hot spas, 15 fountains, a hyper-modern fitness center, a hammock garden, and complimentary cabanas, and a pool-side cafe, so during the down periods of the festival, you can really take the chance to recharge.

The Spanish-style villas are each equipped with a huge bed that does not support polyester or anything synthetic. Instead, you’ll be wrapped in the softest linens and conditioned with the freshest air. The enormous ensuite bathrooms are tiled, so even if you are the real party person in the group, you’ll always have somewhere cool to rest your body (we’re only half joking). In addition, each bathroom is fitted with a huge soaking tub, a separate walk-in shower, a large mirror for everyone, and vanity mirrors. A plethora of towels are also provided, so you can use the pool without having to worry about bringing all of your own stuff.

You see, staying at the Legacy Villas is more than just choosing to stay indoors instead of in a tent. You’ll limit the amount of things you’ll have to carry, ultimately cutting the amount of stuff you have to buy in half. If you want to camp at a festival, you have to have a tent. If you have to buy a tent, you also have to carry that tent. You have to erect that tent in the blistering summer heat, and then sleep in it. If you sleep in it, you have to keep it clean. Good luck with that…

Camping is not a rite of passage, it’s a form of self-hatred unlike anything you should have to go through. Aside from the horrors of camping, you’ll also save yourself money by avoiding the horrors of a festival grounds in the early morning…

Money, Time, & Mental Health

Despite the aesthetic appeal of Legacy Villas, the price tag to stay at the resort is significantly lower than one might think. The owners designed the 5-Star escape to support all of the traditional amenities that one can find at a top rated hotel, with the addition of privacy and autonomy over your space. Choosing to stay here will actually save you money, time, and mental health, and here’s why…

By renting a villa instead of camping, there are some obvious financial savings to take into account: the resort has enough towels to support a small nation; the bathroom amenities are so great that men could probably only bringing a razor; women will be able to get ready with a full suite so no travel-sizes necessary. You can do all of this while listening to your favorite music, and eating and drinking at your leisure. You’ll avoid having to buy every meal from a vendor on the site because the full chef’s kitchen can be filled up in the Trader Joe’s around the corner. All you have to do is figure out getting your drinks into the festival grounds to avoid paying the $8 beer price tag.

On top of all this, you can relax in knowing that your belongings are safe and secure without having to pay for a locker at the festival grounds. Your cell phone can charge without having to pay for use of an outlet, and if you want to bring someone home with you, you have an actual home to do that in…

Bring The Social

When one thinks of Coachella, they think of the pastel decor luxury that is actually more closely associated with the La Quinta CA Rentals that the festival itself. Festivals are almost impossible to have real fun at because of the constant dirt, smells, hiking and queuing for the restrooms, and all of the other horrendous aspects that we forget exist when we look at photos on Instagram. I mean, you can’t really brush your teeth properly on a campsite, so how are you supposed to feel as classy as you do in your normal parties.

The genius behind the villa rental is that if you want to wear heels, headdresses, your most gorgeous clothes and designer threads, you can. If you spill beer on your shirt before leaving your rental to watch the shows, you can quickly throw it in the complementary washer and dryer before heading out. All of this is impossible if you camp.

You also can’t host a pool party or pre-drinks if you camp, which is arguably more fun at festivals than seeing the bands. Thousands of new and interesting people descend upon Indo for the Coachella weekends, wouldn’t you like somewhere to spend time with them outside of the grounds that represents just how great you are?

In conclusion, it is clear that camping at Coachella is something one only does if they have no concept of desert lifestyles at the start of summer. If you want to survive your Coachella experience, and have it become a traditional annual vacation destination, then you have to VRBO La Quinta and find the Legacy Resort. It’s the ultimate in Coachella accommodations, and you best book fast. Villas in California are filling up fast, and we’d hate for you to be stuck at any other La Quinta Vacation Rental.

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