Listicle: 10 Reasons To Stay At Legacy Villas For Coachella

02/28/2020 | by Daniel | Resorts

la quinta resort palm springsCoachella Weekend is just around the corner, and vacation rentals in La Quinta are filling up. Though springtime may feel like a million miles away right now, tax season is about to go whizzing past us, and we’ll soon be deciding our choice pastel swimsuits and signature cocktails. Summer 2020 will be revolutionary; the restart of the Roaring Twenties, and so it’s time to evolve the way we experience luxury during our recreation.

When I think of the grounds at Coachella Festival, I think of sweaty adults who still think they are teenagers, running around on drugs, not being able to handle anything. The idea of being stuck on a campsite, or in any type of proximity to these people, disgusts me. If it disgusts you too, then please keep reading, because it’s time that we all updated our Coachella Accommodations, and I know exactly where you should go…

Legacy Villas, La Quinta

Originally developed in conjunction with La Quinta Resort and Club, the Legacy Luxury Rentals consist of 22 individual Spanish-style condominiums. Situated within the Legacy Resort and Villas property, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a Disney-like Garden of Eden upon entering the property. The drive to the entrance gate is lined with palm trees that sparkle in the evening time; the grounds around the resort are perfectly manicured with seasonal flora; you couldn’t paint a more aesthetically pleasing way to spend a jam-packed party weekend. Instead of staying in one of the many hotels near Coachella, La Quinta’s CA rentals are the new normal for the expert festival goers. These are the 10 reasons why villas in California are becoming the best Coachella rentals:

  1. The Pool

When you think of California, you can’t help but picture a pool party. Brightly colored floaties aside, where the heck would Californians be without pools? The drought would have happened because of climate change, but we would have all been a lot more sweaty about it. Though most vacation rentals in La Quinta host one or more pools, the Legacy Resort is home to 12 pools, including 2 lap pools and 11 hot spas. However, you’d be forgiven for thinking half of the 15 fountains are also pools after dark. They’re more gorgeous than most people’s bathrooms…

  1. The Gym

If you’re a sicko like me, you know that working out is one of the few ways to recover after a heavy night or two. Not all hotels near Coachella offer fitness centers, but your vacation rental in La Quinta absolutely should. Just because you are partying the weekend away with this year’s epic lineup doesn’t mean you can skip leg day, and Legacy has plenty of equipment for the whole resort. Who knows, you might even be lucky enough to do a recovery workout next to Travis Scott or Frank Ocean*.

you almost definitely won’t, but nothing is impossible.

  1. The Privacy

Most people attend Coachella with friends or colleagues. As much as sharing a suite can be cool, having your own condo is so much better. If you want to have a full brunch before a day of drinking, the kitchens are stocked with all of the equipment you’ll require. Perhaps you’re looking for a quiet afternoon nap with your significant other, so being able to close your blinds and switch off completely is essential. Good luck finding that anywhere other than a villa in California…

  1. The Quiet

Whereas the festival grounds will thunder with basslines, you want the place you lay your head to be peaceful enough for a full morning’s rest (let’s be honest, you’re not going to bed before 5am). You’ll notice the calm of Legacy as soon as you arrive. Something about the surrounding hillsides, which glow a shade of gold in the evening sun, bring an air of silence to the resort. Even though you can easily turn up your own party, it’s just as easy to switch it off.

  1. The Location

Proximity to Pedialite is key to surviving any festival season. La Quinta Resorts are walking distance to a number of supermarkets without being in the thick of it. Just a quick uber ride away are a number of restaurants, bars, grills, and shops, so you can stock up before you even arrive.

  1. The Landscape

There is little more breathtaking than the California desert. Somehow, Legacy Resorts has managed to capture their natural environment while adding a layer of luxury. In the summertime, the backbreaking summer sun is mitigated by grapefruit, lemon, and palm trees that shade the walkways. Inhaling the nutrient-rich soil, rosemary and bougainvillea grow like weeds. You couldn’t ask for a more inviting landscape.

  1. The Safety

A fear of any festival-goer is the theft of belongings. The security of Legacy will ensure that all concerns for property can be dispelled. A guard is always on watch at the gate to let in guests, and the villas themselves are designed for the utmost privacy. Knowing that you can leave in the afternoon and return in the early hours is something no other Coachella rental can truly offer.

  1. The Beds

It is a truth universally acknowledged that one cannot survive a three day festival weekend featuring Rage Against The Machine without a comfortable night’s sleep. The enormous beds at the Legacy Villas feel like clouds. You’ll simply melt into the linen and forget you were even in a mosh pit…

  1. The Bathroom

Big bathrooms are a unique luxury that most Millennials cannot have in their own home. The elegance of the Legacy square footage is most apparent in their bathtubs and walk-in showers. The huge mirrors, bathtub, and showers are more than enough for you and all of your friends to get ready at the same time, making your festival that much more streamlined.

  1. The Peace of Mind

We have already established that hotels near Coachella are gross. If you’re spending your hard-earned money on this world-renowned music experience, you should be doing it in style. From start to finish, your Coachella rental should mirror the luxury that the roaring twenties is supposed to embody. You’ll be hard pushed to find anywhere as glamorous as Legacy, that offers the same range of amenities, security, spaciousness, and peace of mind.

If you’re still unsure about the best La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, look no further than Legacy. We guarantee you’ll be back!