The Ultimate Desert Getaway

04/11/2020 | by Daniel | Vacation Rentals

In a time when isolation is advised and social distancing is implied, it might be the perfect opportunity to get out of town and sneak away to a desert retreat. While travel is not widely recommended at this time, there is a special place for escaping the city and finding solace and safety within a less populated area. Nestled between the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountain range, La Quinta is perhaps the quintessential juxtaposition of natural luxury complete with breathtaking views and quiet solitude. Take advantage of this quiet moment and treat yourself and your loved ones to a getaway of safe reprieve and tranquility while at Legacy Villas Resort. Here is why a trip to the beautiful desert could be the escape you’re looking for.

Space to Sprawl and Time to Unwind

When you visit Legacy Villas in La Quinta, California you reconnect with your inner outside. Enjoying all of the natural wonders of the Coachella Valley, this stunning desert location provides the close proximity to gorgeous nature hikes and waterfalls, while also boasting some of the most top-rated resorts, golf courses and spas in the state. When you arrive at Legacy Villas, you are instantly transported into another time and place, distinct from contemporary life. Spanish style stucco walls and Terra cotta tiled rooftops compliment the ancient peaks of Mesozoic granite jutting out from the surrounding San Jacinto Mountains. This imagery offers the viewer a Latin romanticism the likes of which is often lost in our modern world. An invaluable therapeutic quality emerges during one’s stay at Legacy Villas, a remedy that many of us unknowingly craved amid these uncertain times.

Weather That Saves

One of the most unfortunate side effects of COVID 19 has been the overall inability for many to simply experience the beauty and joy of the great outdoors. For many, this time of year is the quintessential moment in between emerging from the darkness of winter and welcoming the excitement of summer. Due to the circumstances, most are unable to enjoy the pleasures and warmer weather known to springtime.

In Coachella Valley, the beautiful budding wildflowers and rugged landscape create the idyllic springtime entry for anyone visiting. The year-round warm temperatures will soothe your body and rejuvenate your senses. Warm weather is not only an instant mood lifter, but it also offers necessary vitamin D that effectively works to boost immunity and help safeguard against the flu and viruses. Spending time outdoors is one of the most precious attributes of springtime and a much-needed change of scenery from the indoor confinement of current quarantine.

The Promise of Pristine

Offering unparalleled hospitality, and top-quality facilities, Legacy Villas will surely leave you and your loved ones rejuvenated and realigned. Enjoying reduced clientele, we can ensure that you and your family will remain comfortable, safe and protected from contact all while savoring a warm getaway to top quality resort. Adopting an enhanced safety standard, our staff members have ensured the cleanest environment and facilities for our valued guests to enjoy. We have limited the pool capacity to ten people at all times, reduced our site restaurant to take-out orders, and have heightened sanitation measures to safeguard our guests and staff members against Coronavirus. Our main goal is to protect, provide and promote wellness at our

Desert resort. Come experience all that La Quinta has to offer and treat you and your loved ones to a much-needed getaway at Legacy Villas Resort. Visit us online for photos, more information and to book your next stay!