Legacy Villas Amenities

Top Amenities at Legacy Villas Resort

06/27/2024 | by Daniel | Legacy Villas Resort

There is something reassuring about a vacation resort that has stood the test of time and Legacy Villas Resort offers the perfect example. Known as one of the most exclusive getaways since the mid-1920s, we set the bar for luxury, comfort, and style, maintaining our popularity over the decades due in part to the exciting amenities we offer. Legacy Villas loves being a part of history and today we invite you to explore all the amenities that will enhance your La Quinta vacation while giving you the opportunity to be a part of history as well. This guide will give you a peek into what the most comfortable and relaxing vacation can look like!

Comfortable at Home

The more comfortable amenities can be found inside each individual space, ensuring that every guest will be able to relax and enjoy their time under the California sun and our top in-unit amenities don’t always have to be the biggest items. Maybe it is the high thread count linens that top our premium mattresses that will help you sleep easily through the night, or maybe it will be the fireplace that provides warmth and romance to a chilly night in the mountains that makes you wish you never had to leave, sofas so plush they invite you to sink into their depths to enjoy an impromptu nap, a good book, or a binge-watching session of your favorite streaming shows. Patios with cushioned outdoor furniture will provide a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise, set, or simply sit and decompress after a long day of California adventures, and deep tubs in our spacious and spa-like baths will encourage guests to ease the transition into sleep with a glass of wine, a good book, soft music, while submerged in waters made fragrant with the bath oils of your choice.

Modern Conveniences

Of course, what is comfort without modern conveniences that just make travel life that much easier and more entertaining? Our top modern conveniences are destined to make you glad you stayed. State-of-the-art televisions offer a great way to wind down after spending your daylight hours exploring all that Palm Springs has to offer, and microwaves in many of the suites will allow guests to enjoy popcorn for their relaxing evening at home. High-speed internet ensures occupants can save data while uploading all their pictures to their favorite social media sites or if they absolutely must, will be able to work from the comfort of their La Quinta Resort suite. Coffee makers allow every guest to stay well-caffeinated, mini fridges are the perfect spot to store some of those California wines you have been sampling, and optional video game consoles will help keep the smile on the faces of the surliest of teens.

Resort Amenities

We could probably stop right here, having already offered enough to make you both satisfied and happy, but Legacy Villas doesn’t subscribe to the less is more way of life. Our resort amenities are designed to give you a thrilling vacation experience without having to leave the boundaries of La Quinte Resort. Two lap pools encourage guests to keep up with their workout routines, while 10 other resort pools provide plenty of opportunities to sunbathe, swim, and watch your children hold underwater tea parties while you time how long they can hold their breath.

As you hike through the Santa Rosa Mountains, and spend long days shopping at high-end shops and ecofriendly thrift shops such as Revivals, (one of our absolute favorites) muscles that are unused to consistent activity may begin to feel tight and sore, but the 11 spas at the resort ensure you have plenty of options for soothing the aches and pains. Walking trails, palm tree hammock gardens, and even a fully equipped fitness center add to your vacation experience as will outdoor fireplaces, a poolside café, and a fun children’s splash pad. Bike trails add another level of excitement and fun to your stay at the resort.

At Home with Legacy Villas

There is always something wonderful going on at the Legacy Villas Resort, and as you and your family settle in for the most comfortable adventure of your life, you may find yourself wishing you never had to return to the frenetic days of real life. Since 1926, we have welcomed travelers from all over the world, embracing their families, and showing everyone the best of times, but even as we are proud of our history, we haven’t rested on our laurels, moving forward with the latest of technology, technology that includes EV charging stations for your electric rental car. (20 can be found throughout the resort) Every attention is paid to every detail and when you choose Legacy Villas, that attention to detail will make your stay all that much better. Reserve your favorite resort escape today and explore the beauty of this iconic region while remaining comfortable and feeling at home.