Legacy Villas Rentals Vs Hotel Rooms

Why Legacy Villas Rentals Are Better Than Hotel Rooms

06/27/2024 | by Daniel | Legacy Villas Resort

A California vacation spent in the heart of La Quinta promises to be the one that makes your vacation dreams come true, but one of the first decisions you will make (after choosing your destination) is the type of accommodations that will make you happiest. For many travelers, traveling alone or with one or two others, they may be tempted to check out the hotels that are in the area, thinking they will spend less money allowing them to spend more on their adventures, but after reading what we at Legacy Villas have prepared here, you will soon find out why the opposite is true. This guide to all the reasons choosing our Legacy Villas stylish escapes over sterile and uncomfortable hotel rooms will help make your second vacation decision an easy one.

The Space You Need

Even solo travelers need some space so as to not feel locked away during your at home adventures. Not every minute of your La Quinta vacation will be spent outside exploring the sites, taking road trips to the beach, or dining at flavorful restaurants. Some of your best adventures may be enjoyed at home with us, something you just wouldn’t be able to say in a cramped hotel room. Even our studios with kitchenettes offer airy spaces that will make you forget that the spacious and spa-like bath (many offering deep soaking tubs) is the only other room attached. For smaller groups traveling together, not having to share a single bathroom with two or more other people is an amenity you won’t want to pass up.

The Comfort You Deserve

We have all spent far too many nights trying to get comfortable in hotel rooms that offer “cardboard” beds and scratchy linens, but after your first night in our Legacy Villas cozy and comfortable sanctuaries, we can pretty much guarantee you will never return to a hotel room again. Sofas will be plush, inviting guests to sink in and stay awhile; the chairs that surround dining room tables will be cushioned and padded for your seat’s comfort; and our premium beds will be topped with the softest of linens, giving guests some of the best night’s sleep they have ever experienced while on vacation.

Stylish in Ways Hotels Wish They Could Be

Hotels are designed to handle large groups of people over many years, so the furnishings, fabrics, and fixtures must be sturdy and long lasting. Purchased from companies designed to appeal to the hospitality industry, style is not a major consideration to those doing the purchasing. And although you can still be comfortable and cozy in a space that isn’t stylish or warm, don’t you deserve to be surrounded by beauty and style? You work hard, and the money you are spending is not insubstantial, so why shouldn’t it appeal to ALL the senses? We know that all the details are the most important ones and we put a lot of thought and planning into every space we create, understanding that beauty, comfort, and modern conveniences work together to help make the best vacation memories.

Costing Less for So Much More

The price factor may be the deciding one in your dilemma over choosing between hotel and Legacy Villas, because even as the hotel you are contemplating may show a lower nightly cost, we can bet that in the long run it will cost you more. The prices they often show are the base prices and do not take into account any added fees, such as parking or resort fees, which automatically jacks up the per-night fee, but that isn’t the only way you save by choosing Legacy Villas. Even our smallest spaces, our luxuriously furnished studio apartments, will offer a kitchenette, allowing guests to sip their coffee at home, start every day with bagels they have toasted themselves, and store their favorite California wines in the refrigerators. The larger spaces, however, also offer fully equipped gourmet kitchens, ensuring that you aren’t forced to dine out for every meal, thereby saving some of your vacation dollars to be used for activities or maybe even the purchase of more California wine!

The Personal Touch

We will give hotels credit. For all the guests that reside within, they still manage to do a pretty great job at offering the personal touch that makes all the difference, but it still won’t compare to what we at Legacy Villas can offer. We want every guest to feel they are our most important guests and we don’t consider ourself a success unless everyone leaves at the end of their stay feeling pampered and treasured. We will be the live voice on the end of the line, the quick response you expect from emails sent, and we will find a way to make everything as close to perfect as possible. Reserve your favorite California sanctuary today!