Legacy Resort is #1 Coachella Luxury Rental

02/28/2020 | by Daniel | Vacation Rentals

You’d be forgiven for forgetting you are in the middle of the desert. Despite the glowing golden sunsets and the long shadows they cast on the greenery, the dry heat doesn’t hit quite as hard here. The lower topography of La Quinta Resorts mitigates the tsunami of pollution that clings to your skin like a uniquely urban cloud in Los Angeles. When you arrive, you’ll feel like you are on another planet, when you’re really just a short drive, flight, or chopper away from your ultimate Coachella Rental experience.

In the mid-afternoon, a slow saunter to the pool to relax before the evening’s shenanigans is exactly why you’ll be thrilled you booked to stay at the Legacy Resort, and not sleep on the grounds at Coachella proper. Instead of being surrounded by partying Gen Zers and Millennials clinging to their drained trust fund, at the Legacy Resort in La Quinta, you’ll be surrounded by the most gorgeous mountains and near silence. Of course, we fully expect you to ruin that last part…

Why Villas, Not Hotels

Finding the perfect Coachella accommodation is near impossible unless you book years out or have a secret hook-up; at least, that’s the way it used to be. Since the creation of the massive La Quinta Resort region just between Palm Desert and Palm Springs, Coachella festival has been drawing more and more diverse crowds. Whether you’re a group of friends, in a couple, a crew, or vendor team, ensuring that you have somewhere to rest your head at night is the second thing you should do, right after buying your ticket.

Hotels used to be a cheap and cleaner option than camping at Coachella festival. Now, all of the hotels in and around the festival grounds and surrounding towns make their biggest bucks during the host weekends. As a festival goer, they are making that money from you. All you will get in return is a small room, a windowless bathroom, one or two polyester-sheeted beds, and an overpriced minibar. The pool water will turn a mild shade of grey as each day wears on, and in the morning when you’re trying to sleep, you’ll be awoken to your neighbor’s thumping bassline.

That’s why so many people are choosing to rent at Legacy Villas during the festival season. On top of the peace and quiet of the complex, renting a condo can give you the space all of your friends need to spread out, get ready, and live it up. The owners of the best 22 properties at the resort have designed the interiors of each villa to perfectly support your festival experience, and remove any risk of hotel-stay miseries.

History of Legacy Villas

The owners of Legacy first visited the resort in 2011. Arriving as guests, they fell in love with the serenity of the surrounding mountains and gorgeous Californian landscape. The natural beauty of the unique setting will take your breath away from the moment you arrive. They knew immediately that they had stumbled upon a rare gem in the desert. All they had to do to improve this already Heavenly experience was ad the 5-Star customer service they are now known for, offered at a fraction of the cost. Raising the bar on luxury rentals, Legacy is the perfect Coachella villa rental.

What You Can Expect From Your Stay

Arriving at Legacy, you are met by one of the gate guards. You’ll be welcomed into the grounds with a parking pass and map to your villa’s location. Though the resort is paved with roads, once you have found your parking spot, you won’t need to use your vehicle to get around while you’re there.

There are six different home-types at Legacy: studio casitas, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms, town homes, and a whole new line of properties arriving soon. Each private villa is designed to optimize sunlight and outdoor space as much as the interior amenities. The bathrooms come with a separate shower and deep soaking tub, vanity mirrors, and plenty of towels. In the combined living room and kitchens of the larger villas, you’ll have a full chef’s kitchen, large smart television, fireplace, and additional sofa bed. Most units also have a washer and dryer and the various detergents needed for a full load or four.

The patios are secure and private without being enclosed, so you can grill and talk late into the night without disturbing other guests or being disturbed yourself. Of course, what you’ll really be doing during your Coachella weekend is falling over yourself and your friends as you arrive back at your villa at lord knows what time in the morning after a night of partying with your favorite musicians.

Waking up in one of the enormous, plush beds at Legacy Villas is the highlight of any hangover. From there, it’s a short stroll through the gardens to one of the twelve different pools offered at the resort. Whether you prefer to lounge out in the sunshine on a hammock, dive into the deep-end, or sweat it out in a workout, the resort is home to every option you need to rebuild your strength each day of the festival.

If you’re looking for your luxury La Quinta Resort CA rental, you need look no further than Legacy Villas.

Where To Find Legacy

Nestled in the heart of California’s Coachella valley, La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs is the go-to for Coachella guests looking to step up their accommodation game. VRBO La Quinta is a popular way to find your villa, but you’d be better suited clicking through these links to see if you’re ready to upgrade your festival experience. Also available on Airborne,, and Home Away, the owners of Legacy have maintained their super high-rating, and always have repeat guests. Thanks to Legacy, your Coachella weekend can be more than just a messy festival, and become a traditional annual vacation.