The Perfect Coachella Stay – Guest Blog

01/23/2020 | by Daniel | Uncategorized


As “festival season” nears once again, I can’t help but reflect on past experiences in the beautiful Coachella Valley desert. I have stayed in multiple places, from large Palm Springs hotels to the dusty Coachella campgrounds to lovely La Quinta rentals. Each comes with their positives and negatives and can impact your festival experience as a whole. Coachella comes once a year and is a space for you to let loose and enjoy life. Seeing such a large number of insanely talented musicians in one place is a rare opportunity and I like to fit in as many shows as humanly possible. While it is absolutely worth it, it can leave you feeling drained at the end of each day. This is why the place you stay plays an important part in the experience, allowing you the time and place to recharge and feel refreshed for each consecutive day.


The first year I went, I stayed at a large hotel that was probably the last stop on the shuttle line. While the hotel was nice, the travel time post festival was an extra hassle that was further draining. In terms of space, cramming a bunch of people into a hotel room may have been economical, but it did not lend itself well to everyone getting ready. Overall, it was nice to be indoors, but I longed for a shorter travel time and more space.


On the complete other end of the spectrum, I chose to camp in the Coachella grounds my second year. This definitely eliminated travel time, as it was a very short walk from the festival back to our tents. From there though, you are sleeping on the ground and attempting to get as much rest as possible before you are awoken by the heat early in the morning. The community feel of being around so many festival goers certainly gives you a jolt of energy and helps every morning, but if you are looking for real rest, this is not the way to go.


Going forward I knew I wanted a nice choice in between the campgrounds and traveling to a further hotel with cramped quarters. I knew La Quinta resort was close by the festival, so I began searching for other La Quinta CA rentals. It was around this time that I discovered Legacy Villas Resort. Compared to other La Quinta vacation rentals, I was impressed with how many resort amenities there were in addition to spacious condos with our own kitchen and washing machines. Being affordable compared to other properties I looked at and being near the Coachella shuttle line only a short distance from the Polo fields all made me very content as well. It was so easy to get back and forth each day using either the shuttle and ubers and the spacious condos gave us so much space to get ready and relax each morning (if we weren’t lounging by the pool). The festival is so amazing but staying at Legacy really amplified my experience even more and I am so happy for that.